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josh lambo

Ed Mylett is a massively successful entrepreneur, global speaker, peak performance expert, and host of the #1 rated Ed Mylett Show podcast. He’s also the bestselling author of “The Power of One More.”

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Talk to yourself. Don’t listen to yourself. Speak truth to the lies of doubt and negativity. – @joshlambo #ThePositiveSummit

Take ownership of your thoughts and you’ll take ownership of your life. – @joshlambo #ThePositiveSummit

Thoughts become things. Focus on what you want to create. – @joshlambo #ThePositiveSummit

Give yourself some love. Reframe your thoughts. Reclaim your life. – @joshlambo #ThePositiveSummit

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“The One Truth: Master Your Mindset, Live with Power, Heal Your Soul”

When the going gets tough, many people wonder how to build resilience. What skills, practices, and habits do mentally tough people have and how can someone build them from scratch? In The One Truth, bestselling author Jon Gordon shares the key to mental toughness, high performance, mental wellbeing, and mastering your mindset.



Each week Jon Gordon interviews the best of the best to find out how they stay positive, overcome challenges and achieve success so that you can too.

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