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Jon Gordon is one of the top keynote speakers and authors in the world. His clients include leading organizations and team (NFL, MLB, College, etc). His bestselling books on the topics of leadership, culture, success and teamwork have been read by millions of people worldwide.

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“The One Truth: Master Your Mindset, Live with Power, Heal Your Soul”


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Everything comes down to ONENESS and SEPARATENESS.  – @jongordon11 #ThePositiveSummit

The more we move towards ONENESS we feel more whole and connected. – @jongordon11 #ThePositiveSummit

Your brain is an antenna. You can choose to TUNE in to a positive or negative frequency. – @jongordon11 #ThePositiveSummit

Negative thoughts separate us, they divide us by creating doubt and discouragement. – @jongordon11 #ThePositiveSummit

When doubt comes in, TRUST and speak TRUTH to the lies. – @jongordon11 #ThePositiveSummit

Don’t listen to the negative voices. Speak truth to the lies. – @jongordon11 #ThePositiveSummit

There is greatness within you. You have a purpose. – @jongordon11 #ThePositiveSummit

Neutralize the Negativity! Gandhi said, “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet” and neither should you. – @jongordon11 #ThePositiveSummit

The more grateful you are, the more things you find to be grateful about. – @jongordon11 #ThePositiveSummit

Love casts out fear! – @jongordon11 #ThePositiveSummit

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“The One Truth: Master Your Mindset, Live with Power, Heal Your Soul”

When the going gets tough, many people wonder how to build resilience. What skills, practices, and habits do mentally tough people have and how can someone build them from scratch? In The One Truth, bestselling author Jon Gordon shares the key to mental toughness, high performance, mental wellbeing, and mastering your mindset.



Each week Jon Gordon interviews the best of the best to find out how they stay positive, overcome challenges and achieve success so that you can too.


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